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Famče Furlane Women's Auxiliary Committee:

From left to right:  Renata Morassut, Communications Director - Elemanna Sacilotto, Activities Director  - Mary Cosentino, Chair - Lorraine Innocentin, Secretary -  Elda Maraldo, Founder  - Carla Bomben, Treasurer

Famče Furlane Women’s Auxiliary (“FFWA”) is one of the newer groups under the umbrella of the Famče Furlane.  This group is the result of an idea Elda Maraldo presented to the Famče Furlane Board in the fall of 2005.  Formally approved and Board sanctioned, this small but active group offers it's support to the Famče while having fun with activities that reinforce our Furlan traditions and maintain culture.  At the same time, the group strives to stretch it’s horizons with guest speakers, regular book reviews, informative presentations and hands on workshops.  FFWA volunteers offer assistance to the community, particularly at the Villa Leonard Gambin.  Members fundraise through various excursions with funds generated used in support of the Famče Furlane and its campus.


This group proudly presented the Famče Furlane with its first ever “gonfalone” (banner), donated a much needed piece of exercise equipment to the VLG and has spearheaded the purchase of varied and sundry decorative items for the Famče.  Its celebration of International Women’s Day is quickly joining the ranks of an annual signature event at the Club.




As most of you know, this small but active group meets on the second Wednesday of every month from September to June.  During the first meeting, the ladies celebrated another successful year and its inception with cake and refreshments.  Moreover, time was set aside to welcome a new member, Fiorella Rossl, who immediately felt right at home by taking part in a lively discussion following the traditional book report.


Once again, the committee has a roster of activities planned for the 2013-2014 season.  For those of you who are contemplating an evening out and wish to join, here is a list of upcoming events.


          October   -   Card Making with Lola Blasutta

                         -   Theater Night: My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s

                              Jewish and I’m in Therapy


        November  -  Fallsview Casino

                         -   Food Art


        December  -  Babbo Natale

                         -  Arie di Natale


Do you have a special talent which you wish to share with the group?  Please consider joining it as the members are always open to new ideas and ready to welcome like minded individuals.


In closing, a special thank you is being extended to Lola Blasutta for sharing her special hobby with us.  Her creativity, passion, patience and attention to detail in demonstrating her craft was an inspiration to us all.

7065 Islington Ave. Woodbridge, ON, L4L 1V9  Phone: 905.851.1166

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Famče Furlane first ever “gonfalone” (banner)image