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The Culture Committee organizes and oversees activities that pertain to fostering the culture of Friuli.




The Famee Furlane offers classes in traditional Friulian folk dancing for children, ages 4 to 18. The 'ballerins' perform at Famee Furlane functions.  They also performed at weddings, social events and other community functions. 



The ‘AMIS DE LENGHE FURLANE’ offers classes in the Friulian language. Classes are for Beginners and for Advanced learners.  And, there is no charge for the classes.


For info please contact Famee Furlane.



Together the Coro Santa Cecillia and Coro Le Voci del Friuli with the Conductor.




                           Le Voci del Friuli 


This women's choir is made up of members of the club's SocietÓ Femminile Friulana, Toronto.  They have been performing together since 1995.

Coro Santa CeciliaIn November, 2011 this renowned choir celebrated its 50th year of providing beautiful 4-part music. 

INDEPENDENCE—April 3 Long long ago on April 3, 1077, Friuli became an independent region, when the German Emperor Indri IV gave full autonomy to Sigjar, the Patriarch of Aquilea. Through the years, this day became known as Friuli’s National Day.

Amedeo Giacomini, noted Italian poet, novelist and translator of medieval texts as well as a forerunner  of 20th century Friulian poetry, was born in 1940 in Varmo.  His volumes of poetry in Furlan include Tiare Pesante (1977) and Sfuejs (1987).



Ardito Desio 1897-2001, born in Palmanova. Scientist, explorer, who, in 1954 successfully led an expedition to the summit of K2. Saint Luigi

1804—1884,  Udine Canonized in 2001 by Pope John Paul II, for his tireless work among the poor and destitute. He was born into a religious family (his step-brother was a priest) and joined the Seminary at age 12.  The feast day of St. Luigi Scrosoppi, like the feast day of many saints, has been set as the date of his death—April 3rd.  


La SocietÓ Filologica


Dal 1919 attivitÓ di studio,
ricerca, promozione della
lingua e della cultura friulana.